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Apr 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
that would allow kids to stay in school. they want to have 9 billion greta's by the year 2020. >> -- graduates by the year 2020. >> one accident in sykesville and a crash on the westbound ramp to aviation boulevard. that is important to know if you're heading to the airport. we are seeing delays southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. j.f.x. is in great shape. 11 that traffic. north and south of looking good. no delays on the north side over here. let's check the forecast. >> 23 minutes before 7:00. high pressure is still over us. the storm on the left side of the strip -- screen will move to the east side of the country on saturday. most of the rain will be out of it as far as we are concerned. more of this good weather will continue. details coming up in a few minutes. >> it is going to be a rabbit race not a wet place on this day. that is coming up. >> we are still looking at the water cooler question of the day. do you think tatt >> many people make a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket. someone to jump out of a plane. this person was diagnosed wi
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Apr 2, 2010 1:00am EDT
-- join us, go to hannity got sarah palin's real american stories coming up next. >> greta: welcome to real american stories. i'm sarah palin. ism, courage, generosity and a warrior spirit these are the thing has that unite all americans our ancestors from around the world boarded boats leaving behind everything. because in america, anything is possible. those first fearless souls believed freedom was their destiny. our proud history is a record of their vision and determination. the fight for life without tyranny. from the revolutionaries of 1776 to the greatest generation and today, americans have always answered the call. risking life for liberty to defend our country and protect the world. tonight, real american stories celebrates our heroes. we are going to introduce to you some americans who have made inspirational choices. we'll also tell you amazing tales that reaffirm our pioneering spirit and unmatched generosity at home and around the world. we begin with an american who is changing the lifers of thousands of young people -- changing the lives of thousands of young people
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2